Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

2500 East 2nd Street, Reno, NV 89595

The spacious Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is BLFC’s host hotel.

Book A Room

The hotel booking link will appear below. Please don’t mash the refresh button on your browser; we’ve tested the auto-refresh very thoroughly. For an even faster experience, use this stripped-down page instead.

  • Tip: during the initial booking rush, book your room for just yourself, and after confirmation, edit it to add roommates.
  • You will be charged a deposit for the first night when you book, which is refunded if you cancel the room later.
  • Your credit/debit card must have an expiration date AFTER the con.
  • To book by phone, call 1-800-648-5080 and use the booking code that reveals with the booking link above.
  • To book a suite, book by phone and give them our booking code. Suites in the Summit level are discounted 25%. Suites in the A Hotel are not discounted this year.
  • If you want a suite, book a regular room first during the initial rush, then call to have them convert it to a suite. That way you still have something if the suites are full.
  • If you want to be on the Hospitality Floor, book a regular room when booking opens, and we will assign you to that floor in a separate process.
  • If you smoke, and can tolerate some noise from the Hospitality Floor: get your reservation done as quick as you can, then edit your reservation to request a smoking floor. It helps us have less non-con guests on that floor.
  • The Hotel does not allow consumption of marijuana on-property, in hotel rooms, or even in your car in the parking lot. The Hotel does allow possession of up to one ounce, secured in your hotel room, if you are over 21 years old.

Room Types

Rooms also require a daily $25 resort fee which pays for wireless internet, an airport shuttle (runs every half hour), parking, bottled water in your room (refreshed daily). The resort fee (plus tax) is charged separately when you check in.

The Summit at Grand Sierra

Remodeled in 2013. Rooms on higher floors. Rooms have fridges and microwaves.

  • 3 days: $156 per night, plus taxes and fees
  • 4 days: $144 per night, plus taxes and fees
  • 5 days: $137 per night, plus taxes and fees

The “A” Hotel

Remodeled in 2017. Rooms now have fridges, after the remodel.

  • 3 days: $176 per night, plus taxes and fees
  • 4 days: $164 per night, plus taxes and fees
  • 5 days: $157 per night, plus taxes and fees

Prices shown are based on average per-night cost. Taxes and fees apply: Add $25/night resort fee, $2/night tourism fee, and 13% tax. Automated emails may mention a charge for 3rd and 4th roommates, but those are waived if you book in our block.

Debit Card Users: please click here to read this
The hotel holds an extra $50/night from your card when you check in. If you check in using a debit card, this will reduce your available balance. It may take as many as 10 days after checkout to be returned to your account; your bank controls that, not the hotel. Tip: if you’re eating in on-site restaurants, charge to your room to utilize this tied-up money.

Additional Information

What is the Resort Fee?
This hotel charges a daily resort fee in addition to your room rate, which pays for the airport shuttle, parking, pool, gym, internet, and free bottled water.
What is the Tourism Fee?
A fee mandated by the City of Reno for all hotels, instituted in 2015.
Is there a ‘party floor?’
The closest equivalent is the Hospitality Floor. We will open applications for the Hospitality Floor at a later date.
Check in/out times?
Check in after 3PM. Check out by 11AM.
I require two beds.
Write “2 beds” in the requests section. Or declare 4 people in the room. We recommend doing both.
How many rooms?
The hotel has 2,000 rooms. Our block has about 1200.
I want to room next to my friends.
After booking online, just call the hotel with the confirmation numbers and ask to be placed together.
What’s the best way to bring in my luggage?
You may not use the front entrance as a loading zone, and you may not use the bell carts. Please park in self-parking, and then hand carry your luggage to your room. We recommend bringing your own folding cart. Or, you can park in the front entrance, and leave it up to the valet parking and bellmen to move your car and luggage. Last we checked, there was no official fee for this service, but tips are expected.
Can I pre-pay for my room?
Yes, just call the hotel with your confirmation number.