BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | April 30 - May 3, 2020

The Grand.

2500 East 2nd Street, Reno, NV 89595
The spacious Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is BLFC’s host hotel.

Edit an existing reservation

If you have an existing Passkey reservation you need to edit.

(If you booked over the phone, you will need to call 1-800-648-5080 to make changes.)

Sign up for Special Rooms

You must already have an existing reservation to sign up for these rooms.
If you don’t mind being next to parties (or you want to be next to parties), please sign up for the “noisy floor.” We will need a certain number of people to sign up to make the party floor a reality, and every signup helps.

Room Drawing

The mad rush for BLFC hotel rooms has become an unfair advantage to people who are fast with computers, and also an unfair disadvantage to anyone who can’t be present at the exact moment of opening. We have a new system this year to address those problems. This system is for all room types, including suites.

Hotel rooms will be broken up into 4 groups. Rooms in groups 1-3 will be awarded by random drawing, and there’s a group reserved for volunteers from last year, and this year’s dealers.

How it Works

Room Drawing Schedule

Group Name Date
Group 1 signup: Nov 26 - Dec 9
Group 1 booking: Dec 10-16
Group 2 signup: Dec 17-23
Group 2 booking: Dec 24-30
Group 3 signup: Dec 31- Jan 6
Group 3 booking: Jan 7 - 14
Volunteer/dealer booking (BFLC 2018 Volunteers): Nov 27 - Feb 10
Remainder signup: Feb 11-17
Remainder booking: Feb 18-24

Room Types

Rooms also require a daily $30 resort fee which pays for wireless internet, an airport shuttle (runs every half hour), parking, and a refrigerator and bottled water in your room (refreshed daily). The resort fee (plus tax) is charged separately when you check in. There is also a $1 per day housekeeping tip charged to your room, which you can opt out of at check-in. If you want to leave a bigger tip, you may still leave cash tips in your room.

Debit Card Users

The hotel holds an extra $50/night from your card when you check in. If you check in using a debit card, this will reduce your available balance. It may take up to 10 days after checkout to be returned to your account; your bank controls that, not the hotel. Tip: if you’re eating in on-site restaurants, charge to your room to utilize this tied-up money.

The Summit at Grand Sierra

The “A” Hotel

Prices shown are average per-night cost. Taxes and fees apply: Add $30/night resort fee, $2/night tourism fee, and 13% tax. Automated emails may mention a charge for 3rd and 4th roommates, but those are waived if you book in our block.


What is the Resort Fee?

This hotel charges a daily resort fee in addition to your room rate, which pays for the airport shuttle, parking, pool, gym, internet, and free bottled water.

What is the Tourism Fee?

A fee mandated by the City of Reno for all hotels, instituted in 2015.

Is there a ‘party floor?’

The closest equivalent is the Hospitality Floor. Feel free to apply.

I hate elevators!

If you’re willing to tolerate some noise, apply for the Hospitality Floor. It avoids elevators entirely.

Is there a quiet floor?

Yes! please apply. Volunteers have priority there, but anyone is welcome. This floor can also avoid elevators.

Check in/out times?

Check in after 3PM. Check out by 11AM.

I require two beds.

Write “2 beds” in the requests section. Or declare 4 people in the room. We recommend doing both.

How many rooms?

The hotel has 2,000 rooms. Our block has about 1200.

I want to room next to my friends.

After booking online, just call the hotel with the confirmation numbers and ask to be placed together.

Can I use marijuana?

The hotel does not allow consumption or possession of marijuana on-property, in hotel rooms, or even in your car in the parking lot. It is recreationally legal in Nevada now, but it’s not allowed on property.

What’s the best way to bring in my luggage?

You may not use the front entrance as a loading zone, and you may not use the bell carts. Please park in self-parking, and then hand carry your luggage to your room. We recommend bringing your own folding cart. Or, you can park in the front entrance, and let the valet parking and bellmen to move your car and luggage. Last we checked, there was no fee charged for this service, but tips are expected.

Can I pre-pay for my room?

Yes, just call the hotel with your confirmation number. You’ll need to get a form from them, and fax in a copy of your credit card and the completed form.

Hotel Drawing FAQ

Why three groups and not just one?

It’s our hope that after the first group, some people will find rooms with friends, and won’t need the later drawings. With less people entering later drawings, more people will win those drawings.

Why do dealers get to avoid the drawing?

Because they have stuff to sell you and need somewhere to organize and store it.

Why do volunteers get to avoid the drawing?

We love our volunteers because they invest a lot of time to make BLFC happen. We want to make sure that they are able to make it here and put this event on.

Why do I need a credit card to sign up?

This confirms you have a valid credit card to book your room with if you win.

Why will a friend see my personal info if I give them my link?

The booking link is personalized for you and auto-fills your personal info from our registration system, for your convenience. Only give your booking link to a friend if you trust them seeing this information.

Why can I only have one room?

Demand already exceeds supply; allowing anyone to have more of that supply makes the problem worse. If you want connecting rooms with a friend, call the hotel with your confirmation numbers after you both have a reservation.

Do I need to rush to join the signup?

No. Any signup received during the entire week has equal chances of being drawn. No rush.

How will I know I won the drawing?

After the drawing date, you can log into registration to check. We will also try to send you a notification email.

What is “remainder signup?”

This is one last drawing for all the remaining rooms from all groups. It might be a fairly small group, but we want to get as many people a room as possible.

Why can’t I call on the phone to book a room instead?

Because the people on the phone have no way to know if you were awarded a room in the drawing. Right now there’s no good way to do that, so you must book online.

How will this affect the hospitality floor and quiet area?

It doesn’t affect these groups; you still need to have a reservation of some kind, then you supply us with your confirmation number to sign up for hospitality or quiet floor.

If I cancel my room reservation, can someone else get it or is it lost?

Someone else will get it later during “remainder booking.” In the interest of fairness, you can not transfer it to a friend, it must go back into the drawing pool.

Can I submit more than one entry into the drawing?

No, attendees are only allowed to submit one entry per drawing, breaking this policy will result in all your entries being voided without notice.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us.