BLFC: Curse of Coeurasa

Reno, NV | May 16-19, 2019

Dragon's Tears. Fully intact Dragon’s Tears are smooth, brilliantly refracting gemstones, about the size of a cantaloupe. Certain sects of society deal in the trade, shattering, and refinement of these sources of beauty. Smaller pieces, polished or not, are coveted as a luxury currency.

Character: Lupin the Raven

About BLFC

Biggest Little Fur Con is a North American furry convention located in Reno, Nevada.


The seed of the idea, we came back from Further Confusion, and we were all post-con jazzed up. We knew what we wanted to see at a convention, and while wandering the Grand Sierra Resort, we were struck by the large accommodating hallways, how everything was in one central location and the extra amenities available. We figured, we should do a convention here!

By random chance, we were approached by SnafuCon, an anime convention local to Reno. They wanted to diversify and do a furry thing. They did one here by the name of PawFur which we helped them with.

After PawFur, the anime group wanted to hand it off, because two events in one year is insane for anyone to organize. We took it from there, and that’s how BLFC was born.

BLFC is run by Reno Area Anthropomorphic Arts and Recreation (RAAAR), a 501(c)7 nonprofit.