BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | June 3 - June 6, 2021


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Biggest Little Dance Battle 2020 Rules

To sign up for the BLFC 2020 Dance Battle, please fill out this form.

Header What is it? What is it?

An all-styles dance battle competition that consists of teams & individuals dancing off against each other in successive knockout rounds. The winners of each round will advance to the next round until only one victor remains!

Performance is rated by a panel of judges.

This year, there are two divisions: 2v2 Fursuit Teams & 1v1 Non Suit.

Header The 2v2 Fursuit Teams Division The 2v2 Fursuit Teams Division

Because interest in fursuit dance battle has grown, we have adopted this format to allow for more dancers overall to participate in the fursuit division.

Teams must be formed by participants themselves and submitted via the sign-up form as a single entry.

When submitting the form, do not submit a placeholder name for your teammate.

To assist in finding teammates, an optional form has been created.

You may view the team finder spreadsheet.

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Header Dance Battle Rules Dance Battle Rules

Header Attire Attire

For fursuiters

Your costume must consist of head/mask which fully encompasses the head, handpaws, and feet paws. “Happy Feet” oversize “shoes” are allowed in lieu of feet paws.
No skin shall be showing, including if the dancer is performing in a partial suit.

For non-suiters

Attire should be that which is permitted by the convention and venue. Please don’t wear clothing with explicitly vulgar/profane writing or imagery. You will be dancing, so dress to move!

All dancers

Loose accessories which might be lost during your performance, such as rings, necklaces and lanyards should be removed before performing.

Header Prerequisites Prerequisites

Header Participation Participation

Dancers with confirmed slots

If you signed up, we expect you to be there! If you need to drop out, it is expected that you communicate this to the organizers as soon as possible. This helps us prepare for the event and allows us to move others up from the waitlist.

If you were placed on the waitlist

arrive at least by roll call (usually 30 mins before the event) and preferably at the call time! Roll-call will be taken and anyone not present will be replaced with those on the waitlist at that time.

This is a dance battle, but it is meant to be fun and spirited, so cheer on your fellow dancers and show good sportsmanship! See you there!


Dancing is a physical activity that comes with inherent risks. By signing up you agree to take on these risks and that we are not responsible for any injuries, physical or otherwise, that may occur at the event. We strive to make this a safe and fun environment and encourage you to do the same by being safety-minded, hydrating, being well-rested, and stretching beforehand.

Header FAQ FAQ

I’m in fursuit division, do I have to have feet paws? Is there any substitute?

Yes you must have feet paws. The only acceptable substitute are “Happy Feet” plush slippers. If you do not have either, we highly suggest you ask your fellow dancers to borrow a pair! Other footwear is only acceptable if approved beforehand by the event organizers.

I arrived after roll call and I was replaced, can I get back on the active list?

No. If you miss roll call and show up later, you will be put on the bottom of the waitlist.

I was there for roll call but I have to leave the room and come back. Is that ok?

In most cases, no. You should arrive prepared or send someone to go get forgotten items for you. If you need to use the restroom, you must tell one of the event staff and ensure you’re back before doors open.

I decided to cancel my signup before but I’ve changed my mind and want to sign up again, can I?

Yes, but you lose your place on the list and move to the end of the line so you might end up on the waitlist.

I’m on the waitlist, should I show up at the same time as the other dancers?

Yes! You may be put on the active dancers list depending on no-shows! You may also be chosen to dance in a showcase battle for the event if there is a need! (Showcase battles are not judged and do not compete).

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If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us