Dealer's Den

Sale Hours & Location

Dealers den is located in the Silver State Pavilion on the Spa Level next to the Spa.

During operating hours, the Dealer’s Den hosts a central community hang-out fun zone and is very inviting for business.

  • Friday - 12PM-6PM
  • Saturday - 11AM-6PM
  • Sunday - 11AM-5PM

Map of Dealers Den

List of Dealers

BLFC Con Store

The BLFC Convention Store, selling prior and this year’s con swag!

Lagarto Custom Leather

Maker of custom leather: collars, cuffs, harnesses, belts, leashes, pet collars, and special orders.

Unfurgettable Apparel

Makers of furry themed clothing and accessories.


AnthroWear Feral Apparel is an independent costume and fashion company specializing in the highest quality custom furry tails and ears. Made-to-order by caring hands, AnthroWear is spreading joy through creative personal expression, one tail at a time!

Mary Mouse - Certified Tags

Mary Mouse has been involved artistically in the Furry Fandom for over 15 years. She is the creator of "Mice Comics", and more recently Certified Tag Badges. Mary enjoys outer space, Japanese culture, and weird trading cards.

Thay Rustback

Thay is an illustrator who enjoys working both digitally and traditionally. She will have a variety of originals, prints, stickers, charms, wristbands, enamel pins and lanyards available, featuring wildlife and fantasy creatures. Limited commission slots will be available so she can also bring your ideas to life.


Thornwolf is both a digital and traditional media illustrator who has contributed to the Werewolf Calendar for several years running. She can create artwork in a wide range of styles, from toony to realistic.

Hyena Agenda

Apparel and accessories so good you could just break out in song!

Graveyard Greg & Krahnos

Furry artist

Cooner Arts!

Cartoon Art and Fuzzy Thinking. With an animation and comics background and a loose cartoon style, Cooner is master of the blue pencil con sketch and has delighted his convention fans for years.


It is me Ashlie :3 I make artwork, fanart and plushies!


Specializing in cute and curvy art!

Warhorse Workshop - Soap Pony

Makers of high quality nylon harnesses and other accessories for fursuits we also have a wide selection of vinyl decals for your vehicle, laptop or tablet. We also have a variety of Tshirts and tanktops. Need to beat that con funk back? Pick up a bottle of our suit disinfectant/deodorizing spray, bath bomb or bar of soap!

Danji Isthmus

Danji Isthmus is a freelance fantasy, horror and wildlife artist that works in all kinds of media like digital, acrylic, watercolor, and pretty much anything that can create art. Come by the booth for handmade art items and accessories of all kinds!

ConTact Soap and Scent Company

The original furry caffeine soap company! Solid perfumes, wax warmer cubes, and bath fizz will be available, too. Preview everything on our website, linked below.


Seasoned furry artist offering all kinds of commissions including custom badges. rnAlso selling stickers, charms, pins and other swag.

Spyn’s Treasure Trills

A creature hailing from the northwest with a passion for character illustration and creation. I work primarily in traditional mediums & like exploring new ideas.

Raddest Dads

RaddestDads is the fandom‘s own skate shop. Come by for fashion, beautiful skateboards and decks, and more!

Gideon‘s Corral

Check out my table! I will be doing sketches, selling folios of my art digitally and in book form. I been in the fandom since 2001 drawing hyper related work. Stop on my and say hi!

Tepiddreamer Studios

Looking to build your own fursuit? Or just need some extra parts? How about an upgrade? We got what you need! From head bases, silicone pawpads, to claws and LEDs, we have everything you need to make your fursona come to life.

Aycee Art / Roanoak

A California local who loves drawing cute animals in their spare time!

Arctic K9 Creations

Arctic K9 Creations "Bringing Out the Animal in You!" I have been in the fandom officially since 2009, interested since 2005. I started drawing for the fandom in 2010 and have been doing it ever since and loving every second of it. Please come on by and say Hello! I always have a hug and a smile waiting for those who wants one =3

Myrtle‘s Monsters

Myrtle‘s Monsters is a California based fursuit maker/artist brining fun characters, art and fursuit accessories to life!

D.Bruin‘s Art and Prints

I will be selling original art, prints, and custom commissions.

Herr Kater

I am a traditional artist with a heavy hand. Attention to detail for sharp lines and smooth coloration have caused my works to often be mistaken for digital paintings. I am always seeking new efforts to push myself in my artistic endeavors and while I specialize in portraiture, I enjoy to try my hand at other fanciful musings.

Twix. N. Tween

Twix N Tween is a hybrid, who�s art is as detailed and creative as the stripes on her back. She enjoys working with bright colors , sparkling paper, watercolor and lots and lots of swirls!


Been creating animal art for the past 11 years through many mediums and multiple platforms.

Kihu Graphic Arts

Kihu has been an artist in the furry community well over a decade, specializing in character art and queer erotica. In addition to graphic artwork, Kihu is the creator of several popular merchandise lines, including his Werewolf Boyfriend apparel and Paw Socks!

Portzebie & Luna-Starbright

Fun, toony artwork for all your fun, toony needs!

Lemon-Creme Studios

We are Lemon-Creme Studios, two sisters that draw and sell kemono-style furry art and merchandise!

Rabbit Valley Comics

Rabbit Valley® Comics is one of the oldest publisher/distributor of furry printed works including artwork, books, comics, DVDs, Fanzines, novels, novellas, and more…


Chu is the creator of the award-winning webcomic Slightly Damned as well as The Junk Hyenas Diner. She can speak Japanese and ASL, and loves video games and food!

3eyedfeline / houndsteeth

beautifully textured, high-quality art of cats, skulls, mushrooms, and nature in general. coloredful, lively costumes as well.


We are a collection of artist and crafters from Chicago who hand make custom Hoodies, Kigurumi, and Fursuits/Fursuit supplies


I draw lots of furry smut.

Kacey Miyagami

Kacey Miyagami is a mostly traditional artist with a history in fine arts and animation, which influenced her semi-realistic style. She does at-con sketch and badge commissions, and has a wide variety of prints for sale, as well as other small collectibles such as stickers, keychains and magnets.

Tidma illustrations

G Rated realism digital and traditional artist, shirts, stickers, prints and custom commission!! . Any species welcome :) FA gallery is @tidmatiger


Originals, prints, and on-site commissions in a unique traditional style.

Caribou Ink

Caribou Ink has been around since the early 2000‘s offering custom sketches, portfolios and prints. Unusual species are our specialty. Come see our webcomic, Halfway Hotel, in print form! We also offer a variety of stickers and matted prints

Alastair Wildfire

I’ve been a furry artist for the past seven years. Originally schooled in traditional media but have now worked in digital forms as well. I specialize in realistic and figurative works. Badges, sketches, inks, and digital.

Bear Mods

Bear Mods is an adult plushy factory, launched in 2016, that specializes in “adults-only” plush toys. We do just as our name suggests, we modify teddy bears and other plush toys with specially placed holes to your custom specifications. We offer plush toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you like teddy bears, ponies, or something a little friskier, you name it, we mod it!

We are a one stop shop for fursuit supplies, including faux fur fabrics, fursuit cooling fans, balaclavas, and more. We also offer some premade costume parts and accessories such as paws and SAZAC kigurumi.

LightBright Studios

I�ve been an artist my whole life, a passion which has resulted in damaged walls, furniture, and random US Air Force property. I was invited to try creating furry art in 1992, and I have been at it ever since. I still prefer traditional media when drawing, and my style reflects my love of anime and pin-up art. Please stop by and behold the power of cute!

Naomi Romero

Naomi is an illustrator with credits at Illumination, Nick Jr, Facebook, WeLoveFine, and more. She offers prints, enamel pins, keychains, stickers, and more. In addition, she carried her popular Anxiety Fox brand, which includes plush toys, figures, apparel, and more.

A True Blue Artist

I offer made to order traditional badges ( both at con and take home commissions available ), digital illustration and animation services, wearable accessories, vinyl stickers, enamel pins, crochet plushes, as well as other handmade delights~ I hope to get to work with you!


Canadian chupacabra who designs cool merch and draws rad animal people!

Pinku Shika Art

We are a 2 person team dedicated to high quality and unique fursuit items. We offer a very wide variety of ready to wear items for conventions as well as help with fur that would like a more custom item.

Egypt Urnash

Egypt Urnash draws the sleekest, starkest things in the entire fandom. She also does absurdly overproduced graphic novels.

Brainfarto/Pizza Day Comics

Zoe Moss is an artist, an animator, and loves to make people smile. She has worked professionally as an animation director, storyboard artist, and character designer.

Cynthia Conner Illustration

I am a fantasy illustrator and portrait artist who loves animals and drawing all things furry, feathered, and scaly.

Nomad Complex

T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, Bandanimals and more! The fandoms hottest fashion outlet.

Big Round Bear

BIG ROUND BEAR is rolling out of his cave with all new merchandise. T-shirts, Daki‘s, Stickers, Keychains and sketchbooks featuring bears and gators. Art by Kahmary and RedicNomad

Fenris Publishing, LLC

Fenris Publishing is a furry-friendly book and tabletop game publisher that focuses on the fantasy and science fiction genres.


Yeen sells things


Hi, I‘m Glopossum! I‘ve been drawing furries for over a decade (FKA Aixarata), but am just now leaping into drawing as a full time job! While I usually find myself drawing queer erotic artwork, I‘ve also branched out into producing aesthetically-pleasing shirts, stickers, and prints! I hope to see you at the con!


CrayonChewer Shop is all about bringing the cute and the colorful into your world! We aim to bring some sunshine your way with our collection of colorful products.


I am an East coast artist specializing in traditional illustrations with a strong animal and fantasy focus. I work predominately in watercolor.


ArtKour is an artist visiting from Florida who creates Illustrations, Graphic Novels and makes fursuits under the alternate pseudonym "Designosaur". At their table you might find flashy wearable attire, masks, costume accessories and art! We welcome everyone to visit! :)

Skulldog Studio

Original artwork by a beast from the far Northeast, fantastic monsters and surreal landscapes.


Artist of cute, fluffy and crazy creativity • myth, magic, mystery and monsters • 100% artist-made traditional, comic/zine and fiber arts.

Aisu Art

Aisu Art sells colorful shirts, pins, stickers, buttons, charms, and accessories with a cute and creepy theme and takes commissions for unique custom badges and detailed, energetic sketches and sketchpages.

Dreamvison Creations

Manufacturers of parts and pieces for do-it-yourself costume builders such as resin mask, eyes, horns, claws. We also make flexfoam heads/ears/toes plus fursuit fans.


I will be selling prints, small merch (lanyards and acrylic charms), larger merch (dakimakuras and bags), and offering custom commissions! I love to draw all species, and have a sweet spot for winged creatures and taurs.

Sasha R. Jones Illustration

I’m an illustrator working in both furry art and fantasy art, developing personal projects and commissions. I am particularly drawn to creatures, birds, nature themes and environments, and use these subjects to explore narrative storytelling, world building, and gender diversity.


Amber "Vantid" Hill is an accomplished artist who specializes in fantasy wildlife illustration. She is self-taught with a strong background in animal painting and anatomy. Vantid�s interest in the natural world began at an early age and inspired a life of drawing and observation. She currently resides in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with her dashing coyotacious husband.

Joshiah‘s Written Works

Joshiah‘s Written Works is your one stop shop for all of your literary needs! With several different books to choose from and written commissions for purchase both at the convention, and online, Joshiah‘s got the words to bring your ideas to life!

Echoes of Light

Hailing from the west coast, Thea offers quality detailed illustrations and original content.

Marci McAdam Illustrations

Marci "Badge Queen" McAdam is best known for her adorable littlefurs, and has literally drawn thousands of badges. You too can get your very own badge from her at the con!

GoldenDruid LLC

For the past 11 years GoldenDruid has made her life as a professional artist. She‘s been involved in furry culture for the majority of that time and loves creating art that inspires wonder and positivity in the fandom. She is best known for her detailed digital paintings and daily grateful speed paints. Check out her work on Twitter, DA, or FA under the name GoldenDruid.

Bad Dragon

Founded in 2008 out of a desire and love for all things fantasy. Bad Dragon has gained a reputation for creating stunning and unique adult products. All toys are made from platinum-cure silicone that is hypoallergenic, non-porous and body-safe. rnMaking fantasies real.

Ryan Comics

Ryan Smith is an artist and writer who began publishing webcomics in 1999 with the comedy series Funny Farm. Since then Ryan‘s been creating the adventure series, Accursed Dragon, and the science fiction epic, Banished.


I‘m a free-lance illustrator who creates exlusively clean content for the furry fandom! I will have dakimura‘s(body pillow), wallscrolls, mousepads, prints and commissions available!

Lydiarts and Crafts

Lydiarts specializes in bright and colorful apparel and accessories. Come by for a variety of items, including lanyards, wallets, bandanas, t-shirts, plushes, enamel pins, bracelets, and more!

Stray Toys

Just a couple of puppies and handlers peddling puppy play gear to the kinky masses.

Rough Draft

Rough Draft Punk! Boileroo & Casida both are greymuzzles who, alongside spending years in the fandom, love crafting, sewing, designing and building things that scratch that creative itch. Early in 2013, they decided that there was a distinct lack of punk furry fashion selection offered in the communities they took part in and thusly Rough Draft Punk was born! Graaar!

Apoxon Industries

I am a small, Pepsi fuled sewing creature, specializing in custom and artist designed hoodies and kigurumis. I‘ve been known to dabble in fursuit making, as well.


I‘m an artist who paints and does pixel art! I offer badges and sketches for at-con pickup, as well as take-home commissions of all kinds.


Sassy is a freelance artist who specializes in digital and marker mediums.

Con Artist Comics and Choco Pony Tarot

Chocolate Pony is a top artist vendor at many cons across the country, known for tarot decks and card games, including the popular Furry and My Little Pony tarot decks. Choco currently promoting the Con Artist comic series and Convention History book series. (Items plan to sell include tarot cards, card games, fandom themed board games, lapel pins, enamel pins, coins, flags, and more.)

Art By Chalk

Art by Chalk is a traditional artist who makes custom portraits and badges.

Idess Art

Idess Art sells fun and cute commissions, prints, and small handmade merchandise!

Canis Ovis Arts

Canis Ovis Arts is a freelance illustrator from Salt Lake City, UT that specializes in anthropomorphic, animal and creature art.


Will be selling a variety of goods, from custom commissions, to enamel pins, prints, stickers and more! Stop on by to take a peek at what‘s new!

Paw to Press

Quality furry themed merchandise, featuring art from several talented artists. We offer everything from prints, wall scrolls, mugs dakimakura, crystal sculptures,rnand various other fuzzy themed things!

SuziBean Art

Offering Traditional Pencil/Pen sketch commissions, digital prints, and on-site badge orders.

Animal Shapes

Logan V. is a biologist and freelance artist from the Pacific Northwest. He dabbles in both digital and traditional media (including Lego) and a variety of styles. Mustelids are his specialty.


Artist indulging in art and skulls. Mostly Monsters and animals! Crystal skulls and jewelry and more!

Aylor’s art

I am an independent hobby artist from Mexico, looking to have my first dealer’s den experience, I will be selling digital commissions and badges, as well as pre-made t-shirts, mousepads, prints, and buttons!

Braeburned Art

A horse that‘s slowly, gradually, thoroughly, tf-ing back into a big ol‘ furry mess. Comics, dakis, prints, bottle openers, buttons, sketches, you name it!

Tiny Swords

Creating cute and chaotic games and comics!


Crowlines is an independent artist aiming to make people smile with a cute style.

Rooboy Illustrations

We enjoy working close with clients to create custom illustrations and graphics for everything from professional to personal display!

Pomgon’s Prints

Pomgon‘s Prints and Graphic Design is a printing and graphic design service, we supply or own designs for merchandise we sell while offering graphic design and printing services for fandom specific needs. Our table itself will display a variety of products designed by our in house artist Vincent Vontrap. These items have a standard design as well as ych to custom designs options.


I am a full-time artist and student! I have always been fascinated with the world around me and find a particular interest in birds, bugs, and plant life, and this is reflected in my work. I love work that has a physical purpose!


Texas-based artist, loves all manner of cute and creepy things.


I am artist SixthLeafClover®, I specialize in furry and fantasy artwork that appeals to a wide range of audience. I mainly create 2D traditional and digital artworks as well as the original creator of The Zodiac Dragons® Calendar and maker and designer of Hoodsonas®.

Gothic Siamese’s Art Nook

A combination of art & prints from the artist & IdentiFUR badges for sale. Check out:

The Croc Shop

The Croc Shop‘s got all kinds of wares for you to use and accessorize your look!


watercolor commissions and prints, as well as patterned clothing and accessories inspired by all that‘s dark and cryptic in nature.

Lindsey "Rhos" Burcar Illustration

Fantasy art and illustration by Lindsey "Rhos" Burcar. Dragons, more dragons, and dragons galore! Come pick up prints, play mats, and more of your favorite scaly beasts.


Tooiebird makes hand-bound sketchbooks and likes to draw cute things!


Rhari is a fandom artist specialising in custom artwork, prints, and glow-in-the-dark party accessories!

Heliopause Productions (Agent Elrond)

Science fiction and fantasy books, anthro, animal, and fantasy art—originals and prints—plus personal commissions, badges, and sketchbooks, by Agent Elrond. There is also a distinct possibility of pins, stickers, and other fun things. Child/grandparent safe.

Moth Monarch

Original and unique buggy art and accessories - bandanas to pins, prints, stickers, and more! Will also have original art and prints and be available for limited commissions on-site and for after-con delivery.


I will primarily be selling prints of my artwork, original sketches and possibly smaller extras such as postcards.

Cocadope Art

Art, Animation, and lots of prints and stickers!rn

Ainsley Yeager Art

Ainsley is a cartoonist and comicker, specializing in the bright and expressive. Ainsley’s work has appeared in Tankadere Comic Anthologies. No Quarter, and Oh Joy Sex Toy. They also have self published multiple books including Mystery of La Luna, Venture Forth, Go Get a Gecko, and Singularity Robotics Fan Zine.


Just a place where it will make your eyes bleed candy and sprinkles. If you are looking for something cute, this is the place to go.

Kinghime LLC

Kinghime focuses on high quality commission with a fast turnaround. In addition we offer an array of anime and toony merchandise for those of various interests and fandoms.

Animal Skull Masks

Resin Masks, Traditional & Digital Art

Hannah Diaz

Various prints, pins, charms and stickers of cute animals! Traditional and digital commissions and con-exclusive themed badges!

One Flowered Crown (Nicholas King)

Commissions, prints, stickers, badge pickups & more!

Xenocat Artifacts

Alien themed adult toys and penetratables


Art, novels and other merchandise by Rukis

Sanguine Games

Since 1999, Sanguine Games has published popular role-playing games, such as IRONCLAW, ALBEDO, USAGI, and URBAN JUNGLE.


We sell prints, books, buttons, and plushes based on our webcomic, Floraverse!

Dead Bomb Art

Dead Bomb Art is all about your custom character art needs. rnWe offer badges, sticker, buttons, and more to fit your fuzzy personality.

Imagine That! 3D Printing and Scanning LLC.

Imagine That! 3D Printing and Scanning LLC. is dedicated to providing custom quality FDM/SLA 3D prints; Be they badges, fursona/character/creature busts, pendants, or fursuit parts (noses, claws, etc).

Star Salts

A cute cavalcade of colorful creatures!

LossFox Art

Furry and cartoon artist specializing in wearable badges.

Stigmata / Jonathan Vair Illustration

Fresh, dynamic, and classy prints bringing your love of furry to your public places! Also selling personal work and self art therapy image collections.


Commissions, species specific merch, and more!

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