BLFC: Curse of Coeurasa

Reno, NV | May 16-19, 2019

Our adventurers, Arden and Therrin, enjoying some peace and quiet by a campfire.

Art by: Chil'lik "Clipey" Eclipse


Our Dealer's Den has 45,312 square feet of space. Located in the Summit Pavilion right next to the bowling center at the GSR. Located a few feet away from the main convention space.
During operating hours, the Dealer's Den hosts a central community hang-out fun zone and is very inviting for business.
The Dealer's Den hosts over 100 Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Bazaar Vendors


Sale Hours
Friday Noon - 6PM
Saturday 11AM - 6PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM
Setup Hours
Thursday 4PM - 9PM
Friday 8AM - NOON
Saturday 10AM - 11AM
Sunday 10AM - 11AM
Checkout & Teardown
5PM - 8PM


Coming Soon

List of Dealers.

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