Dealers Den

Sale Hours & Location

Dealers den is located in the Silver State Pavilion on the Spa Level next to the Spa. During operating hours, the Dealer's Den hosts a central community hang-out fun zone and is very inviting for business.

Friday 12PM-6PM

Saturday 11AM-6PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM

Map of Dealers Den

List of Dealers

  • 3eyedfeline
    [ Table: 41 ]
    beautifully textured, high-quality art of cats, skulls, mushrooms, and nature in general.
    [ website ]
  • 4th Dimension Entertainment
    [ Table: 18 ]
    Publisher of Lackadaisy
    [ website ]
  • Accursed Dragon, Banished, Funny Farm
    [ Table: 16 ]
    Ryan Smith is a cartoonist and creator of Accursed Dragon, a fantasy adventure and Banished, a science fiction space opera. Both full of humor, action and story!
    [ website ]
  • Aisu Art
    [ Table: 28 ]
    Aisu Art sells colorful stickers, buttons, and prints with fun and freaky themes, and takes commissions for detailed, energetic sketches and sketchpages to be completed on-site.
    [ website ]
  • AnthroWear
    [ Table: 73 ]
    AnthroWear Feral Apparel is an independent costume and fasion company specializing in "Furry-themed" costume pieces and fashion accessories. Made-to-order by caring hands, AnthroWear is spreading joy through creative personal expression, one tail at a time!
    [ website ]
  • Apoxon Industries
    [ Table: 33 ]
    I am a small, Pepsi fuled sewing creature, specializing in custom and artist designed hoodies and kigurumis. I've been known to dabble in fursuit making, as well.
    [ website ]
  • Arctic K9 Creations
    [ Table: 62 ]
    Arctic K9 Creations "Bringing Out the Animal in You!" I have been in the fandom officially since 2009, interested since 2005. I started drawing for the fandom in 2010 and have been doing it ever since and loving every second of it. Please come on by and say Hello! I always have a hug and a smile waiting for those who wants one =3
    [ website ]
  • Art by KadoHusky
    [ Table: X2 ]
    KadoHusky is a long time furry artist specializing in vividly colorful adult illustrations while learning leathercrafting. Come by and grab a badge, a sketch, a daki, and leather pup/pet supplies while they last!
    [ website ]
  • ArtKour
    [ Table: 58 ]
    Hello, I am ArtKour/Designosaur, a freelance illustrator and a fursuit builder, focused on making flashy art that can be worn or put on display! Please stop by for visit. 🙂
    [ website ]
  • Ashtree Studio
    [ Table: 9 ]
    Canadian animator and illustrator, filling your inbox with cat paintings and fuzzy dogpeople.
    [ website ]
  • AthenaTheJackal /
    [ Table: 64, 65 ]
    I have been attending BLFC since year one and now want to contribute to this amazing con by selling my famous Perler Bead badges/keychains/magnets and wall art!! I also will be selling custom teas!!
    [ website ]
  • A True Blue Artist
    [ Table: 48 ]
    Hi there, my name is True Blue! I offer traditional made to order Badges, Digital Illustration/2D Animation services, as well as Crocheted Plushes and other handmade delights~ I hope to work with you!
    [ website ]
  • AuratoonDoodle
    [ Table: 39A ]
    I am a cartoonist who loves to make enjoyable artwork and stories with my creations
    [ website ]
  • Aycee Art / Roanoak
    [ Table: 104 ]
    CA local who loves drawing cute animals in their spare time
    [ website ]
  • Bad Dragon
    [ Table: X1 ]
    Founded in 2008 out of a desire and love for all things fantasy, Bad Dragon has gained a reputation for creating stunning and unique adult products. All toys are made from platinum-sure silicone that is hypoallergenic, non-porous and body-safe. Making fantasies real.
    [ website ]
  • Bad Furry
    [ Table: 90 ]
    Bad Furry is unofficially the official mascot of the furry fandom! From the mind of the extremely popular book ‘Bad Furry‘s guide to the Furry Fandom‘ comes an entire line of furry products to enhance your furry lifestyle. Shirts, games, comics, posters and party supplies all await your eager consumption in our store! With merchandise featuring the artwork of Likeshine.
    [ website ]
  • Bear Mods
    [ Table: X11 ]
    Bear Mods is a plushy factory, launched in 2016, that specializes in "adults-only" plush toys. We do just as our name suggests, we modify teddy bears and other plush toys with specially placed holes for "adults-only" reasons. We offer plush toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you like teddy bears, ponies, or somethng a little friskier, you name it, we�ll mod it!
    [ website ]
  • Beetlecat Originals
    [ Table: 91 ]
    A very experienced fursuit-builder working in a semi-realistic style. I create and sell ears and tails as well as full costumes.
    [ website ]
  • Big Round Bear
    [ Table: 111 ]
    BIG ROUND BEAR is rolling out of his cave with all new merchandise. T-shirts, Daki's, Stickers, Keychains and sketchbooks featuring bears and gators. Art by Kahmary and RedicNomad
    [ website ]
  • BLFC Con Store
    [ Table: 92 ]
    Looking for swag from previous years, this is the place to come to! We have 1980s and Liquid hoodies !
    [ website ]
  • Braeburned Art
    [ Table: 119 ]
    A horse that's slowly, gradually, thoroughly, tf-ing back into a big ol' furry mess. Comics, dakis, prints, bottle openers, buttons, sketches, you name it!
    [ website ]
  • Brainfarto/Pizza Day Comics
    [ Table: 115 ]
    Zoe Moss is an artist, an animator, and loves to make people smile. She has worked professionally as an animation director, storyboard artist, and character designer.
    [ website ]
  • Caribou Ink
    [ Table: 17 ]
    Sara "Caribou" Miles has been doing art furry forever. She has done many book covers and interior illustrations, including the popular "Volle" series. She is currently the artist on "Halfway Hotel", a weekly web comic series. She is also the co-owner of, a streaming service for artists.
    [ website ]
  • Chu
    [ Table: 43 ]
    Chu is the creator of the award-winning webcomic Slightly Damned as well as The Junk Hyenas Diner. She can speak Japanese and ASL, and loves video games and food!
    [ website ]
  • ConTact Soap and Scent Company
    [ Table: 10 ]
    The original furry caffeine soap company! Solid perfumes, wax warmer cubes, and bath fizz will be available, too. Preview everything on our website, linked below.
    [ website ]
  • Cooner Arts!
    [ Table: 54 ]
    Cartoon Art and Fuzzy Thinking. With an animation and comics background and a loose cartoon style, Cooner is master of the blue pencil con sketch and has delighted his convention fans for years.
    [ website ]
  • Creative Mochi
    [ Table: 67 ]
    I am a friendly and creative mixed media artist. I work in both traditional and digital media, and I love to sew too. I make badges, sketches, illustrations in both digital and traditional media, and I also love using a sewing machine where I will make Paw Pillows, zipper pouches, dolls, and fursuits too!
    [ website ]
  • Cynthia Conner Illustration
    [ Table: 98 ]
    A fantasy illustrator and portrait artist with a love for animals and all things fluffy, feathered, and scaly.
    [ website ]
  • Danji Isthmus
    [ Table: 97 ]
    Danji Isthmus is a freelance fantasy, horror and wildlife artist that works in all kinds of media like digital, acrylic, watercolor, and pretty much anything that can create art. Come by the booth for handmade art items and accessories of all kinds!
    [ website ]
    [ Table: 56 ]
    Dark Natasha, an artist from Colorado, enjoys working in great detail with acrylic inks, maker and color pencil. Her particular style of layering produces a multi-dimensional effect to the extent that the eyes of her subjects seem to come alive. She prefers painting wildlife and has a soft spot for fantasy creatures – from Anthros to dragons and werewolves.
    [ website ]
  • Dreamvison Creations
    [ Table: 72 ]
    I am the main artist for Dreamvision creations that makes fursuit building parts such as resin mask, eyes, horns, claws and pawpads.
    [ website ]
  • Echoes of Light
    [ Table: 107 ]
    Hailing from the west coast, Thea offers quality detailed illustrations and original content.
    [ website ]
  • Fabric Mountain
    [ Table: 29 ]
    Fabric Mountain is brings quality hand picked fabrics the fandom is fondly acquainted with at affordable prices. Our model is geared to help enable costume makers direct access to knowledge and materials they might otherwise buy sight unseen.
    [ website ]
    [ Table: 96 ]
    Fancy Rat Creations specializes in artist-designed and/or handmade merchandise, particularly accessories and stationery. Stop by for enamel pins, lanyards, sketchbooks, memo pads, charms, stickers, and more!
    [ website ]
  • Fandom Fashions
    [ Table: 69 ]
    I�m a derpy catbird who draws things and makes silly puns to put on clothes :B
    [ website ]
  • Flinters' RudeRoo Design
    [ Table: 78 ]
    Flinters is a traditional artist whom specializes in Transformation and Transgender art subjects. Laminated premade badges will fill your bags. Come by with mint and get a quicky sketch. Power to the pouch!
    [ website ]
  • Fox Amoore
    [ Table: 126 ]
    Music Albums by Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote
    [ website ]
  • Foxboy83
    [ Table: X12 ]
    Hey! I‘m Foxboy83 and I create character illustrations. Check out my website at or find me on FurAffinity, InkBunny, DeviantArt, Weasyl, or Tumblr by searching ‘foxboy83‘ or ‘fb83‘.
    [ website ]
  • FoxKingApparel x CrackedRibCreations
    [ Table: 68 ]
    Fox King Apparel is teaming up with Cracked Rib Creations to bring a radical array of Apparel, Original Artwork, Skateboards, and more!
    [ website ]
  • Furries Create Insanity
    [ Table: 114 ]
    Furries Create Insanity has developed two unofficial expansions to the party game for horrible people. We frequently sell out at cons, and will be debuting a brand-new third expansion at BLFC 2017!
    [ website ]
  • Furry Found Footage
    [ Table: 116 ]
    Furry Found Footage collects the strangest furry cartoons, puppet shows, public access TV episodes, footage from old 90s conventions and furmeets, and home videos to create a whirl-wind tour of hot furry garbage for you!
    [ website ]
    [ Table: 31, 32 ]
    We are a one-stop shop for fursuit supplies and accessories such as faux fur, balaclavas, buckram, and more, as well as ready-made fursuit parts like kigurumi and paws!
    [ website ]
  • Furvilla
    [ Table: 82, 83 ]
    The Furvilla booth sells licensed merchandise from the furry browser-based game, Furvilla!
    [ website ]
  • Gentlemonster
    [ Table: 117 ]
    Gentlemonster is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist with an affinity for the bizarre and a love for the unloveable.
    [ website ]
  • Gideon's Corral
    [ Table: 55 ]
    Name‘s Gideon. I been drawing hyper and macro scaled furries ever since I can remember. My first con was AC2001 and have been a member of the furry community ever since!
    [ website ]
  • GorehundArt
    [ Table: 59 ]
    Dumb yeen making things
    [ website ]
  • Graveyard Greg & Krahnos
    [ Table: 87 ]
    Graveyard Greg writes stuff. He writes a LOT of stuff. He sometimes publishes them. Krahnos is a dragon. He draws stuff!
    [ website ]
  • Grey White
    [ Table: 122 ]
    Grey White is an award winning comic book artist and ready to jam at BLFC 2016!
    [ website ]
  • Herr Kater
    [ Table: 51 ]
    I am a traditional artist with a heavy hand. Attention to detail for sharp lines and smooth coloration have caused my works to often be mistaken for digital paintings. I am always seeking new efforts to push myself in my artistic endeavors and while I specialize in portraiture, I enjoy to try my hand at other fanciful musings.
    [ website ]
  • HexHive Workshop
    [ Table: 6 ]
    HexHive Workshop specializes in high-quality, unique fursuit and costume design, original art and prints, and creative merchandise.
    [ website ]
  • Hyena Agenda
    [ Table: 105, 106 ]
    Apparel and accessories to help you demolish cities!
    [ website ]
  • Idess Art
    [ Table: 125 ]
    Idess is a professional artist known for her wide range of visual art and her cute style for animals.
    [ website ]
  • InkedFur
    [ Table: X3, X4, X5 ]
    InkedFur is a marketplace for artists to sell both clean and adult prints directly to their customers without having to mess with production or shipping. We also provide direct to garment printing.
    [ website ]
  • Iris Jay Super Comics
    [ Table: 12 ]
    Iris Jay has been making comics since 2005. They love comics and they hope you do too!
    [ website ]
  • Ishaway
    [ Table: 50 ]
    I am an East coast artist specializing in traditional illustrations with a strong animal and fantasy focus.
    [ website ]
  • Jarlidium Press
    [ Table: 79 ]
    Jarlidium Press has been publishing furry art books and comics since 1998, including one-shots from a wide variety of creators and long-running titles such as North American Fur, Endtown, The Complete YARF!, and Squeak!. Our Xfrmations Unlimited anthology caters to the underserved market for transformation comics. By BLFC 2017, we will have new issues of all of these and more for your enjoyment!
    [ website ]
  • Kacey Miyagami
    [ Table: 47 ]
    Kacey Miyagami is an artist who primarily specializes in traditional media. She has a background in fine arts and animation, which influences her semi-realistic style. She enjoys painting realistic scenery, as well as cute, sexy and fun characters.
    [ website ]
  • Kaijukat
    [ Table: 20 ]
    SoCal based kaiju with rude cats and cute art!
    [ website ]
  • Keovi //
    [ Table: 71 ]
    Keovi lurks on the west coast, painting, designing, and traveling avidly.
    [ website ]
  • Kihu Graphic Arts
    [ Table: 110 ]
    Kihu has been an artist in the furry community well over a decade, specializing in character art and queer erotica. In addition to graphic artwork, Kihu is the creator of several popular merchandise lines, including his Werewolf Boyfriend apparel and Paw Socks, which debuted at FC'17, with several new colors/species exclusive to BLFC!
    [ website ]
  • KikiDoodle
    [ Table: 26 ]
    Christine Knopp or KikiDoodle is a working professional children�s book artist, who has worked on social and mobile games as a concept artist, and has taught at Academy of Art University among other things. She has focused primarily on drawing creatures and animals as well as backgrounds and concept art and has been selling in the furry fandom for 6+ years.
    [ website ]
  • Kimba Snowpaw
    [ Table: 76 ]
    I'm a furry artist from Central Cali! I draw toony anthro and feral art.
    [ website ]
  • KiRAWRa
    [ Table: 30 ]
    Heya, I‘m KiRAWRa! I specialize in controlled hand spasms that often result in the creation of art ranging anywhere from cute to toothy. I‘m overly obsessed with virtual pets, dinosaurs and animals of all kinds, especially rats. Please talk to me about rats.
    [ website ]
  • Kiriska
    [ Table: 99 ]
    Prints and commissions in a wide range of styles.
    [ website ]
  • Kitsu Creations
    [ Table: 52 ]
    Airu is a long time fandom artist that draws quick doodles and character designs as her favorite subjects. Follow on twitter at airukitsu for live updates!
    [ website ]
  • Kitsumi's Art (Commissions & Pottery)
    [ Table: 22 ]
    Kitsumi is a West Coast artist who uses watercolor and inks for her convention commissions. Her pottery is hand thrown and carved high fire porcelain. Her work runs the gamut from bright and cute to cynical and sarcastic (and still somehow cute). She�s an animator by day and in bed by night. Come by and say hi!
    [ website ]
  • kittygomou
    [ Table: 30 ]
    I'm kittygomou! I dabble in all sorts of artsy stuff and make awesome stuff as a result. I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to visit even it's it's just to chat.
    [ website ]
  • Kory Bing
    [ Table: 23 ]
    Kory Bing draws comics about mythical creatures with personal problems and draws illustrations of animals that used to exist but don‘t anymore. She lives in Portland, OR.
    [ website ]
  • Lagarto Custom Leather
    [ Table: 70 ]
    My business includes furry convention dealer tables and my web store, where I offer custom leather gear, hoping to fulfill the fantasies of those needing handmade harnesses, belts, leashes, cuffs, collars, and connectors. I do all my production work myself, starting with full hides (sides). My workshop is located in the Denver metropolitan area.
    [ website ]
  • Lemon-Creme Studio
    [ Table: 15 ]
    We are Lemon-Creme Studio, two sisters that draw and sell kemono-style furry art and merchandise!
    [ website ]
  • Lemonbrat
    [ Table: 34 ]
    We are a collection of artist and crafters from Chicago who hand make custom Hoodies, Kigurumi, and Fursuits/Fursuit supplies
    [ website ]
  • Leo Magna
    [ Table: 86 ]
    Comic book artist, author of Fur-Piled, currently working on Perception, and a couple of other titles.
    [ website ]
  • LightBright Studios
    [ Table: 57 ]
    I‘ve been an artist my whole life, a passion which has resulted in damaged walls, furniture, and random US Air Force property. I was invited to try creating furry art in 1992, and I have been at it ever since. I still prefer traditional media when drawing, and my style reflects my love of anime and pin-up art. Please stop by and behold the power of cute!
    [ website ]
  • Lucky Gum Fursuits
    [ Table: 13 ]
    Handmade goods from XENY. From disgustingly cute to cutely disgusting, it‘s here! Unique plushies, super stickers, rad apparel, fantastic fursuits, intriguing comix, striking badges and art. Come get lucky!
    [ website ]
  • Lydiarts and Crafts
    [ Table: 95 ]
    Lydiarts and Crafts designs and creates colorful accessories such as lanyards, pinback buttons, enamel pins, bandanas, tee shirts, plushes, etc.
    [ website ]
  • Made By Aeo
    [ Table: 21 ]
    Formally known as Sleepy Puppy Plushies, Made by Aeo is completely rebranded and has an exciting new portfolio for 2017!
    [ website ]
  • Made by Muttmix
    [ Table: 38 ]
    Made by Muttmix is a fursuit and cosplay company specializing in custom costumes made for you! At conventions we sell fusruit props, premade suits, suit pieces, badges, and more!
    [ website ]
  • Made Fur You
    [ Table: 60, 61 ]
    MFY creates custom costumes. Est 2010. Accessories, costumes parts, and artwork too!
    [ website ]
  • Marci McAdam Illustrations
    [ Table: 84 ]
    Marci "Badge Queen" McAdam is best known for her adorable littlefurs, and has literally drawn thousands of badges. You too can get your very own badge from her at the con!
    [ website ]
  • Mary Mouse
    [ Table: 94 ]
    Mary Mouse has been involved artistically in the Furry Fandom for over 15 years. She is the creator of "Mice Comics", and more recently Certified Tag Badges. Mary enjoys outer space, Japanese culture, and weird trading cards.
    [ website ]
    [ Table: 37 ]
    Matrices has been offering fursuit tutorials on her website for over a decade, and will have high quality fursuit parts, props and illustrations in person! Stop by!
    [ website ]
  • MilkTeaTown
    [ Table: 121 ]
    Milky is a mixed media artist and college student. She specializes in traditional art and illustrations, and is an assistant to The Fuzz Factory. Bringing to BLFC a variety of custom artwork, merch, fursuit supplies, and more!
    [ website ]
  • Myrtle's Monsters
    [ Table: 3 ]
    Myrtle is an artist from San Jose, CA specializing in fursuit building and making badges.
    [ website ]
  • NecroDrone
    [ Table: X8 ]
    NecroDrone has devoted her artistic life illustrating seductive and provocative pieces of all kinds, fulfilling fantasies that are unique and unusual, striving to exceed expectations both mundane and outrageous!
    [ website ]
  • Nero O'Reilly
    [ Table: 11 ]
    Wild comics maker from the Pacific Northwest.
    [ website ]
  • NightlineZ
    [ Table: 76 ]
    NightlineZ is a full time artsy fennec from New Hampshire. They specialize in fun and whimsical art with a touch of nostalgia.
    [ website ]
  • Nomad Complex
    [ Table: 112, 113 ]
    T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, Bandanimals and more! The fandoms hottest fashion outlet.
    [ website ]
  • Nut Case Art
    [ Table: 77 ]
    Been in the fandom for 10+ years and been doing art full time for 5 years now. Streaming 6 days a week on
    [ website ]
  • oCe & Rain Fox
    [ Table: 108 ]
    Specializing in furry art, illustration, design, costumes & props!
    [ website ]
  • Onnanoko
    [ Table: 81 ]
    Specializing in cute and sexy art
    [ website ]
  • PMoss
    [ Table: 80 ]
    Moss is a full time furry artist running the crazy convention circuit.
    [ website ]
  • pointedfox
    [ Table: 124 ]
    Sketch Commissions, CG Animation, Character Sculpture
    [ website ]
  • Portzebie & Luna Starbright
    [ Table: 5 ]
    They‘re furry. They‘re funny. They‘ll draw toons for money!
    [ website ]
  • Rabbit Valley Comics
    [ Table: 88, 89 ]
    The source for furry literature and art prints since 1997. We carry titles from many publishers in the furry fandom including SofaWolf, FurPlanet, Radio Comicx, and many independent authors.
    [ website ]
  • redrusker
    [ Table: 103 ]
    I draw lots of furry smut.
    [ website ]
  • redwulf
    [ Table: 120 ]
    4th year for the wolf of red persuasion! Let‘s do this!!! Fun, goofy badges and sketches can be had here! Come say hi to the Tanuk-E and I! :B
    [ website ]
  • RicoShae
    [ Table: 39B ]
    A deer who draws!
    [ website ]
  • Rin's Art Shop
    [ Table: 24 ]
    Hi, I‘m Rin! I make a lot of video game related fan art, including League of Legends, Overwatch, Undertale, and more! I love making accessories, prints, and other trinkets to decorate your personal belongings! For more details, art, commissions and more, check out my website!
    [ website ]
  • Roaring Fangs LLC
    [ Table: 85 ]
    We are the team working on the up-and-coming indie rhythm and platformer video game Punky Town. Find out more at
    [ website ]
  • Saba illustration
    [ Table: 44 ]
    Saba is an Illustrator from Rhode Island, creating children‘s books and comics.
    [ website ]
  • Sasha R. Jones Illustration
    [ Table: 27 ]
    I‘m an illustrator working in fantasy art and developing personal projects. I am particularly drawn to creatures, birds, nature themes and environments, and use these subjects to explore narrative storytelling, world building, and gender diversity.
    [ website ]
  • Seth Iova's Corner of Smut n' Stuff
    [ Table: 118 ]
    I‘ve been an artist in the fandom for several years now and I plan on selling a collection of adult comics I‘ve done over the last two years
    [ website ]
  • Skulldog Studio
    [ Table: 49 ]
    Original artwork by a beast from the far Northeast, fantastic monsters and surreal landscapes.
    [ website ]
  • SNAFUcon
    [ Table: 2 ]
    Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite Convention (SNAFU Con) is a collaborative effort of local anime, game, comic-book, and science-fiction fans. Our goal is to provide a convention that will benefit both the producers within the local area and community at large.
    [ website ]
  • SpectrumShift
    [ Table: 63 ]
    Hello! My name is Xander, and I make digital furry artwork. My main focus is on paintings, but I also do regular drawings, and in traditional mediums as well. I love making art and getting to draw unique things that people cherish. Thanks for checking out my work!
    [ website ]
  • Spyn's Treasure Trills
    [ Table: 109 ]
    A creature hailing from the northwest with a passion for character illustration and creation. I work primarily in traditional mediums & like exploring new ideas.
    [ website ]
  • Squeedge Monster
    [ Table: 100 ]
    If you have a mind for the Mesozoic and a love for the Cretaceous, slither on over to Squeedge's CHOMP SHOP and sink your teeth into an array of colorful creations sure to satisfy your primitive persuasions. From apparel to prints and accessories, your reptile brain will be delighted.
    [ website ]
  • Stigmata / Jonathan Vair Duncan
    [ Table: 7 ]
    Stigmata creates one-of-a-kind dynamic artwork and offers consultations to help you love your characters more than ever before!
    [ website ]
  • Studio Neko-Neko
    [ Table: 46 ]
    Studio Neko-Neko is where you can find artist Nicole "AnimeCat" Holland. Her work has been featured in several titles of Radio Comics publications and can be found in the artist alleys of various conventions. Here you�ll find adorable illustrations as well as unique handmade plush toy creations. Everything is proudly handmade!
    [ website ]
  • Tail Kiss Studio (Furoticon)
    [ Table: X7 ]
    Tail Kiss Studio has been producing Furoticon, the adult furry card game, since 2009, and they�re back for another year at BLFC so you can get your paws on Furoticon cards!
    [ website ]
  • Talenshi Illustration & Design
    [ Table: 102 ]
    I'm a bird obsessed children's book illustrator from S.t Louis who works in both watercolor and digital media! I love telling a story in one image!
    [ website ]
  • Teaselbone
    [ Table: 55 ]
    I‘m a professional freelance artist who‘s been around in the fandom for about 17 years now, mostly known for a lot of my giant/macro/pawz furry artwork. Also pie. Pie is good.
    [ website ]
  • TentArt
    [ Table: 42 ]
    Hello, I'm Claire, also known as Tent! I'm a freelance illustrator who loves to make cute merchandise.
    [ website ]
  • Tepiddreamer Studios
    [ Table: 35, 36 ]
    Looking to build your own fursuit? Or just need some extra parts? How about an upgrade? We got what you need! From head bases, silicone pawpads, to claws and LEDs, we have everything you need to make your fursona come to life.
    [ website ]
  • Thay Rustback
    [ Table: 4 ]
    Thay is an illustrator who enjoys working both digitally and traditionally. She will have a variety of originals, prints, stickers, charms and lanyards available, featuring wildlife and fantasy creatures. Limited commission slots will be available so she can also bring your ideas to life.
    [ website ]
  • The-Everlasting-Ash
    [ Table: 19 ]
    It is me Ashlie :3
    [ website ]
  • Tidma illustrations
    [ Table: 101 ]
    G Rated realism digital and traditional artist. Any species welcome 🙂 FA gallery is @tidmatiger
    [ website ]
  • Toulouse
    [ Table: 45 ]
    Specializing in cinematic works, character designs and exploring new concepts.
    [ website ]
  • Tsaiwolf Illustration
    [ Table: X2 ]
    Tsaiwolf has been drawing since he could hold crayons and has been drawing animals for about as long.
    [ website ]
  • TunnySaysIDK Costumes
    [ Table: 14 ]
    I‘m Tunny, I‘ve been making fursuits & taking commissions since 2009. I make plush props & accessories as well as art, buttons & badges.
    [ website ]
  • Twix. N. Tween
    [ Table: 51 ]
    Twix N Tween is a hybrid, who�s art is as detailed and creative as the stripes on her back. She enjoys working with bright colors , sparkling paper, watercolor and lots and lots of swirls!
    [ website ]
  • Unfurgettable Apparel
    [ Table: 93 ]
    Makers of furry themed clothing and accessories.
    [ website ]
  • Vaisz
    [ Table: 40 ]
    I have been a part of the furry community for some time now, and have been running my own business outside of furry for a while as well. Now I‘m looking to merge those worlds, hopefully to sell at cons! I work hard and fast, and I pride myself on my organization and management skills. My area of expertise is primarily illustration, but I am currently building a fur suit repertoire as well!
    [ website ]
  • Vantid
    [ Table: 123 ]
    Amber "Vantid" Hill is an accomplished artist who specializes in fantasy wildlife illustration. She is self-taught with a strong background in animal painting and anatomy. Vantid‘s interest in the natural world began at an early age and inspired a life of drawing and observation. She currently resides in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with her dashing coyotacious husband.
    [ website ]
  • Vivid Publishing
    [ Table: 53 ]
    We create the Dreamkeepers graphic novel series- cute characters versus bloodthirsty Eldritch horrors.
    [ website ]
  • WA Life Studio
    [ Table: 52 ]
    "I use my veins to create the color I paint from, Delve into something ‘til my heart becomes my paint brush"
    [ website ]
  • Warhorse Workshop
    [ Table: 74, 75 ]
    Makers of high quality nylon harnesses and other accessories for fursuits we also have a wide selection of vinyl decals for your vehicle, laptop or tablet. We also have a variety of Tshirts and tanktops. Forgot your favorite shotglass? We‘ve got you covered with a variety of etched designs to choose from!
    [ website ]
  • Wash your Paws
    [ Table: 8 ]
    I am a small home made business. I just love to clean. Taking care of your fursuit is my number one priority!
    [ website ]

Dealer Application

Sign up as a dealer

Dealer applications open on September 26th!

Dealers Den is full! We are not accepting applications at this time.

Con Badges are not included & must be purchased separately! Any assistants must also purchase their own badges.

NOTICE: Application does not guarantee a dealers den space. Please read the rules. Approved dealers will be notified by November 30th.

Due to the limited space available we do have to be judicial about who receives a table. The judging process is done by a team of BLFC staff members.

BLFC offers two types of vendor experiences:


  • Badge NOT included Must be purchased separately
  • City of Reno Vendor Permit One(1) included. Additional available (see below)
  • 8'x2.5' table One(1) included. Additional tables available (see below)
  • Limit two(2) tables More may be granted upon a special request and approval.

Apply Today


  • Badge NOT included Must be purchased separately
  • City of Reno Vendor Permit One(1) included. Additional available (see below)
  • 12'x12' floor space Fill up your own space
  • Limit two(2) tables More may be granted upon a special request and approval.

Apply Today

Optional upgrades

  • Electricity upgrade - $60(up to 500 watts, more than 500 watts costs extra
  • Black Market upgrade - $20 (allows open display of 18+ content! Includes 18+ age check at the entrance!)
  • Additional vendor permit - $20 (For sharing a table with a friend!)
  • Additional 8'x2.5' table - $80 for Standard, $30 for Booth

Dealer Setup Hours

Thursday 1PM-8PM

Friday 10AM-7PM

Saturday 10AM-7PM

Sunday 10AM-8PM

Dealer Rules

Click the titles below to expand.


Application does not guarantee a dealers den space. Approved dealers will be notified by November 30th. Judging is based on items that the applicant wishes to sell, quality of items compared to other applicants, and presentation of product. Other criteria may be added as necessary.


At the end of business each day, the dealer room doors will be closed, locked, and will not be opened for anyone. [accordion title="If you forget something you need, you will not be able to retrieve it until the next day. We recommend that you bring a sheet to cover your whole table with whenever you are not manning it, to make it clear that your business is closed.


Content of any maturity level can be sold in either the Dealer's Den or the Black Market (this includes standard, booth, and bazaar tables). Black Market allows unrestricted display of mature content so long as it is not audible. In the Dealer's Den, it is your responsibility to restrict visibility of adult material from the eyes of minors. Restricted material involves images depicting (a) use of narcotics, steroids, or usage of products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, (f) items that are considered obscene, (g) certain sexually oriented materials or services.

Wifi Access

Dealer WiFi will be provided for dealers at no extra cost.


Each table comes with two chairs.


BLFC does not provide any additional equipment aside from the table, chair, and table skirt.

Food & Drink & Tobacco products

Per hotel policy, pre-packaged manufactured food or drinks cannot be sold by dealers. Small candy can be given away, but not sold. Per city ordinance, all tobacco-related products (including nicotine-free vaporizer products) require a special business license that costs several hundred dollars.

Business License

The city of Reno (not the state) requires a temporary business license for exhibitors at conventions. The cost of this business license is included in your dealer's den space, and BLFC will provide you with the business license on Friday of the convention before business begins. Con staff will help you fill out the form; it's easy. Most of the information will be filled out for you.

Tax Collection

All sales are subject to state and local sales tax (7.75%). At the end of the con, [accordion title="you must complete your sales taxes with the dealer den lead before you leave. Income tax will be your own responsibility in your own home state/country. Nevada has no income tax.

Dealer's Assistants

Assistants of dealers will need to buy their own con badge to access the dealer's den. When submitting your application, indicate the names of your helpers, so their badges can read "dealer assistant."


BLFC does not allow auctions to be performed on the premises UNLESS they are silent auctions. We highly suggest that if you wish to auction off an item to do so at the art show.


Dealers are not allowed to hold raffles of any kind. Raffles are "illegal lotteries" in the state of Nevada.

Electricity Usage

Dealer electricity cost us a lot of money last year. Electricity will be an additional charge this year. The cost for electricity is $50


You must submit sales tax after closing on Sunday, before you leave. Dealers must bring their final sales total to Dealer Operations and pay their sales taxes before leaving the convention. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected in future years.

Early Checkout

The dealer's den lead can work with you at any time to process your checkout and collect taxes. Once you check out, you cannot continue business.

Payment for Table

When your application is accepted, you will receive payment instructions via email. You will also receive an email if you are placed on a waiting list. When applications on the waiting list are accepted, you will have 7 days to respond before staff moves on to the next dealer on the list.

Size of Table

The table dimensions are 2.5 feet by 8 feet.

Pets and Animals

The dealers den is a busy location without easy access to the outside, we do not recommend that vendors bring their pets along as this can be stressful for the animal. As per the hotel policy, service dogs that meet the requirements set forth by State of Nevada statute (NRS 426.510) will still be accepted on property.