BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


Header Dance Comp. Application Dance Comp. Application

Dance Comp Applications are now open, apply today!

Header How to Compete How to Compete


You must apply by April 23rd; at-con signups will not be accepted. Please prepare the music you plan to dance to, and include it in your application. If you’re dancing by yourself, your music must be limited to 2 minutes.


Your audition must be the same as your intended final routine. For at-con auditions, we will contact you shortly before the convention to pick a time that best fits your schedule. Or, if you send us a video as your audition, you can skip the at-con auditions and have more time to enjoy the con! Fursuits are required for both types of audition.


If you are chosen to compete in the main competition, congratulations! Please arrive at the competition an hour before showtime. We will have an area backstage for you to stay fresh and ready.

Header Times Times

Signup Now, until April 23rd
Auditions TBD (probably Friday)
Competition TBD (probably Saturday). Please arrive one hour before the competition.

Header Audition Process Audition Process

Competitors will be performing their entire routines for three judges. All performers will be scored using the same system, and the best 20 to 25 acts will advance to the finals.

You may submit a pre-recorded video of your routine upon sign-up, or audition at the convention.

If you choose to audition at the convention, we will contact you nearer to the convention date to pick a time that best fits your schedule. If you submit a pre-recorded video, that will be your audition, and you can have more time to enjoy at the con!

Fursuits are required for both video and on-site auditions.


There are two categories - Solo & Group acts. Group acts will be allotted more time per act depending on the number of dancers (See Performance Duration below).

However, all acts will be judged together. (i.e. There is only 1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place except in cases of ties)

Show up an hour early to the Dance Comp Finals

Please show up an hour before showtime. [Date and time to go here]

Eligibility Requirements

All entries must have music for their routine, submitted with your entry form. Sorry, we will not take submissions at the convention. Try to keep your music PG-13, as the competition is an all-ages show. Please censor gratuitous expletives.

Your prelim must be your stage performance.

What you perform in the preliminaries must be what you intend to perform for the actual show! This allows our prelim judges to make the most informed decision in choosing the best acts for the stage.

Submit your with music your submission form

All entries must have music for their routine, submitted with your entry form. Music selections should be ready to play for your final performance, in .MP3 format, and at least 256kbps. All files must be named: "[Your Fursuit Name].mp3" (For example: "Foxy McBushytail.mp3")

Performance Duration

Fursuiters only.

This is a Fursuit dance competition after all! You need all of the following to compete: a head, hand paws, foot paws or costume shoes, and a tail. If you choose to wear a partial, please make sure you wear clothes that cover your bare skin! You will need to wear the above for auditions AND finals.

Be respectful!

You will actually be scored on this. Treat your other competitors with respect, as well as the staff running the competition. If you ever have a disagreement, always discuss it politely. While we appreciate the competitive spirit, try to make sure other dancers can have fun too. It’s not that serious, after all.

Keep it clean!

Furries of all ages will be watching and listening so make sure the lyrics are radio appropriate. Don’t go overboard with any vulgar content in your performance or there will be heck to pay! HECK!

Have fun!

In the end, remember most of all: This is just for fun! If you don’t get in, don’t get discouraged. We’re all dancers here, and the world is our stage; not just this one. Good luck, and see you out there on the dance floor!

Sick/Nervous Group Member? The show can go on.

Groups who qualify for finals may substitute or drop one individual in finals as long as it affects less than half the group. (ie. a 2 person group must find a substitute in case one person cannot perform, but a 3-person group can either drop or substitute a member.).

Header Judging Criteria Judging Criteria

These are some of the aspects our judges will be looking for; some judges consider different aspects more important than others!




Stage Presence