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Help us help you entertain our others.


Submit a Panel

BLFC is highly dependent on the community in order to provide skillfully presented panels. We are happily accepting applications from panelists and are actively looking for presenters with skills and knowledge that they are eager to share.

If you wish to run a panel or have an idea for a panel, go ahead and click the button below and apply to host one, or contact the panels lead.

While BLFC does not have panel “tracks,” we do encourage panelists of all types to participate in our convention.

For inspiration, here are some previous panels held at BLFC:

Submit a Meet ‘n Greets

One of our primary goals is to foster social interaction and get like-minded people chatting about their favorite hobbies, and meeting new friends with common interests.

Choose a hobby or an interest and register a meet and greet for it, and meet those like-minded people you want to meet!

Meet and greets are extremely easy to host, since the point is just to gather people to meet and talk about the selected topic. Anyone can host one!


Rules of Hosting Events