Produced by

Reno Area Anthropomorphic Arts and Recreations

Story based on music by

Pepper Coyote and Fox Amoore

Screenplay by

Lithium, Lunania & Coyoli and Djarums


  • Thistle Levi Jackson
  • Clover Jesse Dook
  • Baz Brianna Antilles
  • Sahny Sam A. Parker
  • Diego Viottolo D’silencia
  • dauB Milo Sybre Baranov
  • Keystone Amani Naribi

Music Department

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements

Pepper Coyote and Fox Amoore

Fox and Pepper Handler



  • Voice for Thistle Pepper Coyote
  • Voice for Clover Rhubarb
  • Voice for Baz Lilypad
  • Voice for Sahny Shadowwolfen
  • Voice for Daub Bryan Massey
  • Voice for Diego Omnom

Additional Vocals

  • Cosmo Shepherd
  • Thunder Roo
  • Leo Ornelas
  • John "Mohr" Emery and Urbis
  • Fox Amoore


  • Brass and Sax Rhubarb
  • Drums and Percussion Teddy
  • Guitar and Bass Flop, Pepper Coyote and Rhubarb
  • Piano, Organ and Accordion Fox Amoore
  • Woodwinds Rhubarb

Physical Media Production

Marcus and DB Masters

Art Department

  • Art Director Shiuk
  • Graphic Design Latte
  • Web Design Coyoli


In Memoriam

We miss you Zido

Production Baby

  • Alihade

Story, art and design ©2018 BLFC Corp.

The story, names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. Any identification with actual persons, places, buildings and products is purely convenient.