BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


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Treyn Puma, for providing us with insights to the table-top culture. Hawk and Damek for coming in last minute to help and become part of the team. Tyco for proofreading most of our ramblings. All the convention staff and volunteers and the convention attendees who have helped make this possible.

Thank you Josh for convincing me that D&D was fun all those years ago. Thank you Dale and Brandon for a decade of DMing to teach me to think outside the box to to ruin your encounters. Thank you to BLFC for letting me take this crazy wagon ride with a kind bear and fearless sergal. —Hawk Feather

Thank you to all the folks who helped us understand and get into this wonderful, creative and engrossing world. Thank you to Yima Qwin for handling noobs like a champ. Thank you sergals for all your support. Thank you D20 for allowing me to do fabulous feats. —Djarums

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