BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


Header Submitting Artwork Submitting Artwork

BLFC is looking for artwork and stories for both the conbook and the Campaign Setting Book

To submit your artwork, please send it to

Header Theme In Brief Theme In Brief

Color Palette

It is this year’s theme color, having hints of this color in your drawing is great! Don’t be afraid to let elements in the drawing carry this color and don’t be afraid to push “gold” in a different ambient color to fit your image better.

World & Setting Information

The setting is a fantasy tabletop role-playing campaign game in a medieval setting. This does mean Figthers, Druids, Barbarians, Wizards, Bards, Clerics, Paladings, Rogues, etc. Dragon's Tears are the coveted treasure available on the land but are guarded deep withing dark spires that reach up to the heavens.

Please read over our Theme Lore page for further details on the World and Setting

Stories: If you would like to re-tell a campaign story you once had, this is a great time to do so!

Header Technical Details Technical Details

General Rules

A few general rules before we begin.
These are all general guidelines of material we will reject or look forward to having. Exceptions can always be made just be sure to have it cleared with the BLFC Art Lead ( )


The characters shown are only examples, artists can create their own characters while following this style guide.

While we do not mind personal characters being drawn and included in the BLFC Art portfolio, please do keep in mind that these drawings are meant to be used for website, convention book and products. BLFC does not claim and will not claim ownership of any personal characters submitted to it by you.

BLFC Usage of your work

BLFC will use any images submitted for the website, convention book, posters and advertising.
BFLC will make sure your signature is visible and provide a link to your art gallery.
BLFC WILL NOT use your work for “for profit” products without your expressed and written permission on each product.
Should you desire, you may request to approve each specific usage of your work.

Layered Files

We are looking to be able to edit these files ourselves to make it easier to fit the images into flyers, the website and for other uses.
We are looking for a semi-flattened file at the end, in which each character is its own layer separate from the background layer.
IMPORTANT: Keep your signature on a layer by itself. Sometimes we may need to crop artwork and we do not wish to crop your signature, allow us to move it to new location as necessary.


You are permitted to make merchandise and sell said merchandise from your creations! You may use BLFC logos in your merchandise so long as these products do not directly compete with BFLC merchandise.

Files & Sizes

Please submit all art as a .PSD or .TIFF layered file to

Dimensions for conbook and artbook

The following are the minimum size requirements for artwork.
Width: 1800 pixels
Height: 1800 Pixels.

Poster Dimensions:

Width: 24 Inches
Height: 36 Inches
DPI: 150 DPI preferred. 300 DPI Greatly appreciated.


You don’t have to keep any of the information in this document private. This document is freely available to all attendees. You are not signed on to an NDA.

Header Contact Us Contact Us

If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us