BLFC: Curse of Coeurasa

Reno, NV | May 16-19, 2019

Arden's Diary


Headmaster Okuma,

I write to you on this fine evening in deep appreciation of your approval to pursue my research on the function of the spires. My youth has been a severe hindrance on my capacity to accomplish anything of substance among my peers, so by allowing me to personally handle this myself I may finally garner the respect for my efforts that I am long overdue to receive.

I had stumbled upon this topic by an odd serendipity. I was scribing some information on the founders of our order written by your great grandfather, Headmaster Fanuc, whom quoted one of them referring the spires as “A Spear Unto The Heavens”. I didn’t think much of the writing at the time, and continued with my transcription of the document.

It was later that evening when I was walking from the historical archives to the dormitory, when I saw that old and worn statue in the courtyard - the one with the lizard in the ceremonial armor with his spear pointing to the moon - when it struck me. A Spear Unto The Heavens! How could I had no noticed this sooner?

I remembered it from my classes on the original crystal sages that formed our order, this was a rare depiction of Founder Hardinge, who was written to have been the first person to unlock the mystery behind the spire’s purpose. He theorized that they were vaults and residences of a lost era, long before our time on The Cross. His placard at the foot of this tall statue, told little more than that but his role in founding our order.

But it didn’t seem right. Why the Spear? The man was a scholar, not a warrior. That dissociation with his role and his portrayal in this aging sculpture seemed odd. Being after hours, I thought it would be inappropriate of me to talk to one of the administrators about this odd finding as they already seem to be agitated by my frequent visits. So I decided to take this project into my own hands.

I returned to the historical archives. Luckily they tend not to lock the doors at night being behind the tall walls of the research cloister, and that night was no exception. I worked by candlelight through the night pouring through every tome, scroll, and ledger I could find in regards to Hardinge, but found oddly little more than stray quotations and nothing detailing what exactly he found past the engraving at that statues base. There wasn’t even a recount present of his findings with spires at all.

This simply could not stand, and I need a good thesis if I am ever to move beyond my position as scribe and become a professor. I need this to finally gain the respect I have so richly sought from my peers, and as such I wrote my proposal the next morning after some rest which you so wisely approved.

Across the gulf is Roqueport, which holds one of the few remaining active spires accessible to the world. I will be departing in the coming days when I finish the travel preparations, and my requisitioned supplies come in. I have already sent advanced word to their local counciI requesting access to their spire vault. I hope that I will find the root of Hardinge’s research and uncover the information that has been lost to time.

I promise I will not disappoint you Headmaster.

Your loyal pupil,

Arden Renshaw


Headmaster Okuma,

By the time you receive this letter, I have likely already abandoned my escorts and am travelling north via ship to Bellowport. I know this is very unorthodox, and likely against procedure but something happened here in Roqueport a number of days before I arrived.

When speaking with a council representative to access the spire located at the town’s center, I learned something unexpected had happened. The spire’s core had vanished some nights ago along with the heiress to the BannerSomething Fishmongering Company, Therrin. Popular rumor suggests that she was kidnapped along with the stolen core and held hostage by an unknown organization.

I was still granted access to the spire’s inner chambers to investigate it, but it unfortunately seems to be fully deactivated without its core. I was unable to glean much useful data at that site, and with the unexpectedly hostile air about, the otter twins you had assigned to escort me instructed me to leave on the next ship back to Atlas.

Garr and Hertel were strangely insistent upon my return to the Order, and seemed utterly uninterested investigating what happened here, or even travelling to another spire that is still intact. I know you worry about me because of my age and… stature. I was given approval to perform my first field research project, and I am going to complete it.

I will complete the lost work of Hardinge as I set out to do. I mean no disrespect to you sir, but I can’t simply turn around and go home when there is such significant knowledge to be gained. I know you are one of the few within the order that have shown me unwavering respect and treated me with fairness like no other. You must have faith in me Okuma. I have waited so long for this chance, and I will not fail.

With the fate at hand, I decided to have a drink. I went to a tavern to drown my sorrows in glass of brandy down by the docks. I don’t normally drink but I was tired and defeated. But serendipity had once again shone its face upon my circumstance.

The tavern was abuzz with the story from one of their dockhand patrons. She had been paid a large sack of gold to smuggle a curly haired sergal wearing the BannerSomething signet ring onto a ship headed north. This could only be Therrin the missing noble I heard of before, but she was alone and on the run from the city. That didn’t add up, she wasn’t kidnapped or in danger, just trying to leave town as fast as she could.

I paid that dockhand half of my remaining funds to get the name of the boat and where it was headed, then immediately got myself passage on the next ship to Bellowport. I know she has something to do with the missing core for her hometown’s spire, and I will get to the bottom of it.

I ask you again to please overlook this breach of protocol and consider what I could uncover here Headmaster Okuma. Please.

Your vigilant pupil,

Arden Renshaw

PS - The quartermaster stated that my uniform was special ordered to “Child Sized” and I was given a mace instead of the dagger I had requested at the time because they wanted to see if I was strong enough to even swing it right. I would ask that you chastise appropriately for their unprofessional behaviour.