Fursuit Charity Dance Auction

Time & Location


Saturday 12-2pm
@ Main Stage


Saturday 10-11pm
@ Main Stage
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Fursuit Charity Dance Auction Signup

Come show off your Fursuit and provide a recreational evening on the dance floor with your bidding partner. Enjoy a Fursuit-friendly dance evening while raising some extra funding for our charity.

The last day for submissions is Friday, May 19th

Final selections will be made that weekend and the results will be posted on Monday, May 22nd.

Read about any updates on the Fursuit Dance Auction Twitter page.

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What We're Looking For

Full fursuits are preferred, though partials will be considered as well. Fursuiters of any gender/agender are welcomed, we only ask that all suiters are comfortable dancing with anyone, as bidding will not be restrictive to specific attendees.

Suiters do not need to be a great dancer to apply. Just willing to have a great time and able to devote the first hour of the dance to their bidder on the dance floor. The people bidding are donating to the convention's charity, and we want them to be happy to have done so.

Fursuit Bachelor(ettes)s will be required to show up to the Fursuit Dance Auction and the dance on time. There will be a period of time between the auction and the dance to give all suiters time to prepare and enjoy the con. They will also be allowed to break to the headless lounge during the dance to cool off and hydrate. It really shouldn't be any different then if they were attending the dance normally, except they'll have an escort with them to dance with.

About the Fursuit Charity Dance Auction

Everyone can expect the dance auction for fun, music, and dancing. All we're asking is that the suiters show their bidding partner a good time on the dance floor for the first hour. There are no other expectations or obligations. No inappropriate or lewd acts will be implied to get bids on the stage, and the same will not be tolerated from any bidders. This entire event is good, clean fun for a charity and we intend to keep it that way.

All proceeds will go towards our charity.


Come bid on your favorite available Fursuit Bachelor(ettes). Should you be the winning bidder, you will be allowed to dance in a completely platonic manner with this fabulous fursuiter for the first hour of the Saturday dance.

Rules for bidders: You are allowed to win up to two fursuit Bachelor(ettes)s. All Bids Final. Payment is taken right after the Fursuit Dance Auction (Cash, credit card, or PayPal).