Art Show

Location & Times

Art Show will be located downstairs, connected to the hangout space in the Nevada Room.

Times may be subject to change.

6-11PM - Artist Setup

10AM-1PM - Artist Setup
1-7PM - Bidding Open

1-7PM - Bidding Open
7-8PM - Final Bidding

11AM-8PM - Pickup
2-5PM - Artist Checkout

Rules for Bidders

We're current reviewing the bidding procedure and will post that here when completed.

Bidder Agreement

All BLFC registrations are automatically accepted as art show bidders. By registering for the con, you agree to purchase the artwork you bid on if you win, and agree to pay fines if you can't afford your bids.

Auction Format

Bidding is completely digital. After signing a bidder agreement and registering with a staff member you'll be able to submit bids to the art show system using a bidding terminal or a wireless device of your own. You have unlimited bids. Some charity items will also be up for bid during the art show, like the regular items. Some charity items will be sold by voice auction on Sunday afternoon, and labeled as such.

Bidding Procedure

(read carefully)

  1. Walk to the art show. The bidding system is Wi-Fi, but only at the art show itself.
  2. Use a bidding terminal, your smart phone, or any Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to the "Art Show" wireless network. No password required.
  3. Use a web browser to navigate to
  4. Follow instructions presented on the web page.

Final Bidding

Final bidding begins on Saturday at 6pm. We will turn off the Wi-Fi bidding system and finalize bids panel by panel on paper. Our goal is to finish by 7pm but it may take longer.

Checkout Procedure

The final auction winnings will be publicly posted by Sunday morning (probably Saturday night). Checkout begins at noon. If you leave contact information, staff will also contact you. On Sunday, bring your photo ID to the art show to pay your balance due and claim your winnings. If you do not claim your auction winnings by 5:00pm on Sunday, you will become responsible for both the amount of your art show win, and shipping.

Proxy Bidding

If you cannot make it to the close of the auction, you can leave "sealed bids" which staff will un-seal at the close of auction, and bid on your behalf up to your maximum. Ask art show staff for details.

Hands Off

To protect the art on display from damage, the art show is strictly hands-off unless labeled otherwise. Please do not touch artwork that is on display.

Bags & Food & Drink

Bidders entering the art show area must check bags, cameras, sketchbooks, folders, and any food or drink with art show staff. Staff might eat food you leave with them if it looks very very tasty.

What Happens if You Can't Pay

You will be charged a 25% fine on any bids you don't pay for, and will be banned from participating in next year's art show. You will also be banned from attending BLFC until your fine is paid.

Application Coming Soon

The artist application sign up is coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Artist Signup

A confirmation will be e-mailed to you upon approval.

Should you have any questions, please contact the art show lead.

Rules for Artists

Pricing & Sharing

Putting art in the show is free (except "high value" and "not for sale" pieces); the convention will take a 15% commission on any items sold (7.64% for sales tax, and 7.36% for the convention). Artists may share any space if desired; please contact art show.

Content & Maturity Level

The art show will be divided into a general section and an adult section. Anything depicting nudity, violence, or sexual acts must be placed in the adult section. Non-adult artwork is allowed in the adult section (if an artist has mixed-maturity art but wants to keep all their work displayed together).

Displaying Art

Art will be displayed on 2-foot-wide wire grid sections. Tables are also available for unhangable artwork. We will provide hanging hardware, or you are welcome to use your own. Artists are encouraged to enclose their artwork in clear plastic film for protection. It is highly recommended that art is hanged pre-framed or matted to standard frame sizes. Your bidders will love you for doing so!

What Happens When Someone Doesn't Pay

Bidders who do not pay their bids by 5:00pm Sunday will be fined for 25% of their total unpaid bids, will be banned from bidding in next year's art show, and will also be blocked from attending the con again until their fine is paid. In this event, the artist will be contacted and given the option to either offer the piece to the 2nd highest bidder, or cancel the item and have it returned. Any fines collected from the bidder will be paid to the artist along with their art show payment.

'High Value' and 'Not For Sale' Pieces

For items with starting bids $100 or higher, or not-for-sale pieces, a $3 listing fee applies. The listing fee is refunded if the item sells.

Mail-in Art

Artists are welcome to mail in artwork for the art show. We will happily hang it up for you. Artists are encouraged to submit a diagram indicating placement of their work; staff will do their best to follow the diagram. Please make sure that all artwork is well-protected for transit, and bid sheets are clearly filled out. After the con, BLFC will return payment along with the unsold artwork, using your packaging. Return postage will be deducted from the artist's payment.

Payment & Commission

BLFC will be accepting payment for sold artwork from the winning bidders. BLFC will deduct a 7.36% commission on final bid price (the panel is free; you don't pay if you don't sell). Sales tax of 7.64% will be deducted from the final bids, so we recommend adjusting starting bid prices up by 8%. BLFC will deduct 15% total for tax and commission, deduct return postage for unsold art if applicable, deduct optional charity donation, and remit the remainder to the artist before July 15, 2017. The state and county sales tax must be handled by BLFC; the artist will not need to file any tax paperwork.

Charity Auction Items

Anyone can donate items to be auctioned for charity. Items should be in generally-good condition and not require any more than basic assembly. All charity auction items will be displayed in the art show. Some will be sold in the live auction on Sunday; these items will be labeled. The rest will be sold directly in the art show. If an artist submits for-sale items along with items for the charity auction, each must be clearly labeled.

Liability & Legalese

Staff will be actively watching the entire art show when open, and will take every precaution to prevent damage to your submitted artwork, but there are limits to what we can protect. By submitting art into the BLFC art show, either in person or by mail, you agree that neither BLFC nor its staff can be held liable in any way for damage to or loss of submitted art. Submission of art serves as acceptance of this agreement.

Submission Minimums

Artists are welcome to submit a small amount of items (even just one) to the art show. If your art doesn't cover most of a panel, we reserve the right to combine it on a panel with another artist's work. If you want to ensure a panel to yourself, submit enough art to fill it.

Due Dates

If you are mailing in art, it must arrive by May 26th, 2017. If you are bringing art in person, it must be displayed by 3pm Friday. Please mail in your art if you cannot make it by this time.

Donate Profits to Charity

For each 5% of your profits you choose to donate to charity, BLFC will reduce its commission by 1%, with the commission becoming free when you donate 35%. (Sales tax will always still be deducted).