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Fursuit Charity Dance Auction

Bid on a fursuit bachelor or bachelorette to have the first dance with!

Charity Auction

Come bid on beautiful things that you have to have! All money raised in the auction goes directly to the charity.

Sunday 4pm-6pm, before closing ceremonies

Competitions & Tournaments

Gather and show off your skill in these fun competitions. Bowling, Blackjack, Charity Poker, and more!

Fursuit Dance Competition

Be amazed at some fine talent in solo and team dance competitions or enter in the competition yourself.

Fursuit Festival

Bring your fursuit and fill both the main and second stage areas for tons of photo shoot areas and activities for everyone to enjoy!

Meet ‘n Greets

Hang out with like-minded furs in a number of social Meet ‘n Greets!


Learn something new with a wide variety of panelists