BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


Header Theme and Deadline Theme and Deadline

All submissions must be in by April 20th.
Submissions are more likely to be used if they follow this year's theme. Please contact the con book lead for instructions on where to email your submissions.
Note: our con book is a PDF download, and is not printed as a physical book.

Special for this year: We would love to hear stories of your table top roleplaying campaign!

Header Submission Guidelines Submission Guidelines


Maturity Level Maximum maturity level for artwork submissions is young-adult (13 years old). Anything depicting violence, or anything implying or depicting nudity or sexual acts will not be accepted.
Size Your submission may be any size or aspect ratio. Your submission may be resized to fit available space.
Completion level Artwork must be crisp and ready for print. No sketches please.
File Format Please submit as a TIFF or PDF image in CMYK color at 300 DPI.


Maturity Level Maximum maturity level for writing submissions is young-adult (13 years old).
Strong Language Strong language (swearing, etc) is allowed in submissions, but please use it tastefully.
Length Set your word processor to use an 11-point serif (Times-style) font, 1-inch page margins, single-line spacing, and limit the length of your submission to four pages or less with these settings.
Illustrations If your story includes illustrations, indicate the position of illustrations by inserting "####filename####" in your story. Please use "####"; that is our search key.
File Format Please submit your story in Microsoft Word (.doc) or rich text (.rtf) format. If your story includes illustrations, please include your illustrations in TIFF or PDF format, CMYK color.


Wait, Recipes? Yes! We hope to include a small 2-to-4-page section of recipes, just for fun!
Category Please list if your recipe is intended to be a side dish, main dish, dessert, beverage, or other. This allows the con book staff to organize the submissions.
    Please include:
  • Your name (fan name or real name)
  • List of ingredients with quantities stated
  • Optional ingredients, if any
  • Instructions
  • A color photo of the finished dish, sized 5 inches by 3 inches, 300 DPI, landscape orientation.

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A collection of our previous year Con Books.

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